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This editorial is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for legal advice. It is recommended that readers consult an attorney before applying for a visa.

E-2 treaty investor visa

  • Non-immigrant, temporary visa for citizens of a limited number of countries

  • Requires investment of a substantial sum of money in a business enterprise in the USA

  • Permits principal investors to come to the United States and oversee the investment

  • Usually issued for an initial period of five years

  • Renewable as long as the investment stays in place and the business thrives

  • Neither investor nor his family member are eligible for employment
    E-2 status does not contribute towards gaining residency or citizenship

L-1 visa

  • For owners, managers and executives of a business abroad transferring to a related company, such as branch office, subsidiary or sister company in the United States

  • Allows those individuals to enter the United States and work here as manager or executive responsible for the new U.S. operation

  • After a year or more, provided that the U.S. business is financially sound and the foreign business continues, the new U.S. enterprise is in a position to sponsor the foreign owner, manager or executive for residency

H-1B visa

  • For individuals coming to the United States to fill a specialty occupation or professional level position

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